Juli y Maggi en Mansfield (Miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010)



¡Gracias a Rowan! 😀 Si queréis saber qué pasó en el evento, clicad en “Más” para leerlo.

So… the live show was today. And I was there. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell anyone that I was going to go despite the whole “adults aren’t allowed” upset. The reason is because when I read about that problem, I had already sent money to Jango’s for tickets, so I was kind of stuck. I thought I might as well go there so as not to waste my money, but I didn’t want to tell anyone here just in case it all went wrong and everyone would be disappointed, especially if I somehow managed to persuade some other people to come too. There wasn’t a problem at all when I was there, even when I queued up with the kids to get my photo taken, although I must stress that I look pretty young/harmless so it probably wouldn’t have been best if a huge amount of hardcore adult LT fans turned up. Still, the venue was really nice and the staff were pleasant so I think it’s a huge shame that so many people missed out on the chance to go.

So, I travelled to Mansfield which took ages. In case you didn’t believe anyone else in this thread, Mansfield is a horrible place. Don’t go there. When I arrived at Jango’s there was a huge queue (this was about 2pm), but I had to pick up my tickets (which I was shitting myself about) so it took me ages to get in. And once I was in there… it was packed. I overheard from a staff member that they had taken out 200 tickets because they were worried about safety, and I totally saw why. I couldn’t find a place to stand so I hovered around and found a place at the front (but behind the kids’ area) and directly opposite the stage, but I had to move because it was a fire exit… so the few photos and videos I have are still taken from the front (relatively) but at the side.

Some excitable children’s party people jumped around and wrapped people up in toilet paper for ages, and 3pm came and went and there was no sign of Magnus or Julianna. Divas. I was getting pretty excited… the play area was really big and nice and I felt the urge to go on the huge slide (but I didn’t). I was actually kind of nervous. I guess that sort of thing happens when you’re going to see a live performance by people you really admire. I wasn’t afraid it would be crap or anything, I just felt kind of apprehensive. But when they finally came on stage (and Julianna’s mic wasn’t working, haha) it felt really natural to see them up there, it was wonderful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone perform such feats as Magnus can in real life before – you all know what I’m talking about. They were both so funny and energetic that the time just flew by… but I’ll try to explain what they did basically – there was quite a bit of stuff from the Superhero Moves CD and things like that, and a lot of getting other people on stage including adults to do push-ups and splits and things. I’m amazed at how good all the kids were! The best part was when they were getting kids to choose cards to decide what we were all going to do, and the final one was ballet. I was having some problems with my camera and couldn’t get it on film which I’m seriously sad about because it was absolutely hilarious, the way Magnus was like, “uh, I don’t think we can do this… nuh… it’s really hard,” and refused to tell everyone what it was for ages. But they actually did it and even though everyone else completely failed at decent ballet, including me, those two were brilliant at it.

Of course, they (well, Julianna did whilst Sportacus walked around and talked to children) performed Go Step Go and Bing Bang at the end. I got videos of both which I’ll upload to youtube or something, but they’re not fantastic. The sound is alright thankfully, they’re just not amazing videos but I’m sure you’d all like to see them anyway!

Like I said… it all felt really short. Sorry to get slightly sappy/fangirly here but I have to say, it was truly fantastic. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a performance by such brilliant people, and I was amazed at how good-looking they are in real life. It’s not like I thought all the candid pictures of them were photoshopped or anything, but I was still like… wow. Also, Julianna is surprisingly short. I thought she’d be about the same height as me but she’s noticably smaller. Aww :3

After all that everyone had to queue up to meet Magnus and Julianna, but I could barely move for like five minutes because there were so many people. In that time Magnus was just wandering around talking to people (lol) but he was too far away from me, but when Julianna appeared they both went into this “party area” thing. I was kind of nervous that they wouldn’t let me have a picture but they did! However, a pretty awesome thing happened here which reminded me of why I love Magnus so much. There was a boy in a wheelchair behind me in the queue who I let go ahead of me, and Magnus’ first question was “can he come out of the wheelchair? Can I pick him up?” and he remained on Magnus’ shoulder for a few minutes for photos and jumping around and stuff. Most people, upon seeing a kid in a wheelchair, wouldn’t even consider that they could get out and join in the fun. But that doesn’t bother him at all. It’s very admirable.

I’ve met quite a few people I admire in my life, like musicians, but this was quite a strange meeting, because here were two people I’ve watched on TV for years and dreamed about meeting… asking about ME, where I’m from and how I am and thanking me and chatting. And hugging me. I know it’s their job to be happy and kind to people really, but it still felt pretty special that they were so nice and attentive. Sigh. We were given signed postcards and some sportscandy (YES), and even though the signatures are clearly written and not printed I have a suspicion that they weren’t actually done by Magnus and Julianna, but oh well. Still official!

After that I had to rush home, but… it was a fantastic day. If you’ve actually bothered to read this then well done. Here are a couple of crappy pictures attached whilst I wait for the videos to upload (not posting the one of me yet though… maybe later).


2 comentarios en “Juli y Maggi en Mansfield (Miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010)”

  1. Hi!
    I just stumbled over your report and I SO loved it!

    I would like to meet them one day…but I’m afraid that dream will never come true.

    I’m glad you got the chance!
    I know…it’s a little bit rude, but I really want to see your pic with Magnus and Julianna…please?

    Greetings from Germany,


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